Your One-Stop Shop for Smart Vending Machines

At B’s Essentials Vending, we offer a diverse range of high-quality smart kiosk vending machines designed to cater to the unique needs of various businesses.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to kickstart your vending venture or an established business seeking customizable solutions, we have you covered. Our state-of-the-art machines are not only innovative but also fully customizable, allowing you to tailor your vending experience to your specific requirements.

Key Features About All Our Kiosks:


Captivating LED Lights

Stand out from the crowd with our kiosks’ vibrant LED lights. Choose a color of your choice and switch it on or off to create an eye-catching display that attracts customers day and night.


Convenient Payment Options

Embrace the future of transactions with our integrated Nayax POS machine. Enjoy hassle-free, cashless payments, providing your customers with a seamless and secure experience.


Cutting-Edge Technology

All of our kiosks feature a touchscreen interface, enhancing engagement and simplifying the purchasing process. With AI software, you can leverage advanced capabilities such as having your customers shop at your online store and then have them pick up their items from your kiosk with a pickup code. Also, enjoy quick and easy inventory management and real-time data analysis for smarter business decisions.


Dynamic Advertising

Harness the power of video and picture ads on our kiosks. Run engaging promotional content to capture customers’ attention and increase sales. Utilize the screen to showcase special offers, new product launches, and brand messaging.


Versatile and Weather-Resistant

Our kiosks are designed to withstand various indoor or outdoor environments. With included canopies, you can protect your kiosk from the elements and create a comfortable shopping experience for your customers.


Customizable for Your Needs

At B’s Essentials Vending, we understand the importance of catering to your specific product lineup. That’s why all our machines can be fully customized to accommodate your desired products, ensuring the perfect fit for your business.

What We Offer:

Wall-Mount Kiosk Key Facts:

Dimension: 26” L x 10” D x 30”

Power: 45W

Cooling system: No

Capacity: up to 200 pcs, 5 rows

Products: lashes, bundles, lipgloss, diapers, feminine supplies, other small retail products

Payment system: Credit card reader only

Weight: 110lb

Traditional Size Kiosk Keys Facts:

Dimension: 4ft W x 3ft D x 6ft H

Power: 50W

Cooling system: No

Capacity: Up to 450 pcs, 5 rows 

Products: lashes, bundles, small to medium-sized retail products 

Weight: 407lbs

Extra Large Kiosk Key Facts:

Dimension: 6.5 Ft Tall, 4ft Wide, 3ft Deep

Power: 150W

Capacity: up to 900 pieces, 6 rows

Products: Hair, lashes, auto, pet, baby, dry goods, and other large retail items

Payment system: Cash or Credit Card Reader 

Weight: 617lbs

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it is not. If you decide to buy our retail machines, you won’t be entering into a franchise agreement. Franchising involves acquiring an existing business to own and operate. By purchasing a retail kiosk, you are expressing the intention to initiate your own vending business from scratch, where you create your brand, logo, policies, and more. It’s important to note that after purchasing a retail machine from us, we do not offer training or additional guidance for your vending business.


Yes, all of our machines are cashless and will have a Nayax card reader installed. You will be responsible for the fees associated with the card reader. Click here to learn more about Nayax and its services.

We have lease-to-own options for qualifying customers. However, if you do not qualify, you will have to pay 50% to start the customizations and then the remaining balance once the design is confirmed. The payment is nonrefundable.

When you purchase vending equipment from B’s Essentials Vending, you will receive a lifetime of free technical support from our affiliate. Additionally, you have easy access to manuals, warranty registration, video support, and parts ordering from our cohort. Additionally, if you are new to the vending industry and need help starting your vending business, you will be provided a list of vending consultants that can help you get started.

We are committed to providing you with top-quality vending equipment merchandise. In order to ensure you have the best experience with your equipment, we offer a 1-year parts warranty, which covers manufacturing defects. Refurbished machines will have a 60-day warranty.

Certainly! We exclusively repurchase machines that we’ve sold to customers before. Because of this, we can offer customers cost-effective, remanufactured vending machines that undergo thorough refurbishment and rigorous testing to guarantee their quality. Our remanufactured inventory is updated daily, so feel free to reach out to us to inquire about the current available stock.

The B’s Essentials Vending Buy Back Program allows us to repurchase vending machines we’ve previously sold to customers. For eligibility, the machine must be 5 years old or less, free from significant damage such as water damage or faulty touchscreens, and cannot have branding (solid colors only). Additionally, if any parts were replaced, they must be from the original factory that manufactured the machine. Please note that the decision to repurchase is at our sole discretion, and buyback is not guaranteed.

Furthermore, when you purchase a refurbished machine, it comes with a 60-day warranty for part replacements. However, refurbished machines are not eligible for the buyback program. Customers are encouraged to contact us for current stock information, as our remanufactured inventory changes daily.


Tailoring your vending experience involves selecting any solid color for the machine, choosing LED lights, opting for a cash-accepting system, and fully customizing the springs to match your product sizes precisely. While words or logos can be designed on the machine, it’s important to note that machines with branding are not eligible for our Buy Back Program. We only repurchase machines in solid colors without any branding.

Our kiosks are best for retail products related to beauty and baby care, feminine and laundry products, or school and pet supplies. Our machines are not refrigerated and cannot do drinks or perishable food items but can do snacks like chips and candy.

It depends on your location, but typically up to 60 days.

Yes, you can. We can integrate the machine with ID readers to verify that customers meet the age requirements for your products. However, it is crucial to strictly follow the rules and regulations set by your state/city. Please note that we do not provide assistance with compliance in this regard.