Meet Brittni Clemons

A True Trailblazer in the Vending Industry

Meet the driving force behind B’s Essentials Vending, the passionate founder, and visionary– Brittni Clemons.

A true trailblazer in the vending industry, Brittni, is a Dallas native and alumna of Texas Tech University. Being that her background is in Journalism,  she brings a new perspective and wealth of experience to the table.

Before venturing into entrepreneurship, she made her mark as a TV reporter for CBS/Fox affiliates in Peoria, Ill., and ABC/CW affiliates in Memphis, TN.

Brittni’s resilience shone through during the challenges of the pandemic when she faced hurdles in accessing essential products. It was this firsthand experience that ignited her visionary spirit, leading to the creation of B’s Essentials Vending.

When you partner with Brittni, you will discover a leader committed to revolutionizing the vending landscape, by using her passion to provide and uplift underserved communities. 

Our Pandemic-Inspired Concept

B’s Essentials Vending emerged in 2021, initially as a beauty supply vending venture, in response to the pandemic. When the pandemic forced shutdowns, it made it difficult for minorities to find self-care products specifically made for them as essential stores often had limited or no selections. Placing the company’s first machine in 2022 in Memphis TN,  this concept began a passion project, designed to close the gap between minority consumers and their access to beauty products. But now, B’s Essentials is so much more. 

Our Transformative Journey

Our journey began in 2021 in the vibrant city of Memphis, TN.  We took our first steps by launching our debut machine in April 2022, housed within a north memphis nail salon. The initial success and learnings paved the way for a significant rebranding in February 2023, as we partnered with Beauty and Company, Memphis’s largest beauty supply company. 

This collaboration made B’s Essentials Vending become the city’s first 24-hour beauty supply company.

In July 2023, we embraced the future by transitioning from traditional vending machines to cutting-edge AI-powered kiosks. Soon after, we placed our second 24-hour kiosk at another Beauty and Company location in Memphis.

Our partnership with Beauty & Company has now blossomed into a long-term relationship, evolving into a nationwide distribution network through franchising.

Our beauty kiosks includes well-loved brands like Outre, i-Envy by KISS, göt2b® Glued, Mielle Organics, and an exclusive line called Sticky Icky from Beauty and Company, featuring edge wax sticks, hair-lace glue, twist gel, and more.

Now, we invite franchise partners to join us in placing kiosks in their communities, providing uninterrupted access to essential products like baby and auto care or school and pet supplies in areas that need it the most.

Become a part of our journey at B’s Essentials Vending, where innovation meets community service.