Meet our committed affiliates! They will guide our franchise partners every step of the way to ensure they achieve their business goals. From the initial point of contact to the placement of the machine, we recognize that your success is intricately tied to ours.

Platinum Management, LLC

Founded by Kyle E. Stansberry, Platinum Management is led by a seasoned professional boasting over two decades of experience in providing expert assistance and consulting to start-up businesses.

Platinum Management, LLC, and his team brings a wealth of experience successfully managing notable companies, including Mpress PR, LLC (a Public Relations company),  Groovonus Productions, LLC (a movie production company), and B’s Essentials Vending, LLC (a 24hr vending company). Each of these companies experienced significant growth and success under his leadership.

With services ranging from machine placement to contract negotiations and bookkeeping, this affiliation enhances the overall franchise experience and promotes mutual growth.

This strategic partnership allows B’s Essentials Vending to access specialized services, empowering Franchisees with tools for success.

FranFund | Funding Supplier

FranFund designs personalized, all-in-one funding plans that fit perfectly, no matter how much a partner’s franchise grows. Their most popular funding programs are SBA loans and ROBS retirement funding, which allows business owners to use qualified retirement savings tax-free and penalty-free.

FranFund also explores additional funding options such as unsecured loans, securities-backed loans, and home equity lines of credit (HELOC), among other solutions. They have cultivated an extensive network of lenders who are franchise-friendly and clients pre-approved by FranFund have a loan approval rate of 99%. 

B’s Essentials Vending dedicated FranFund consultant, Brandon Lusk, will evaluate candidates’ current finances and create a plan designed to set their business up for long-term success.

Franchise Broker Association

Established in 2008, the Franchise Broker Association (FBA) is a prominent force in the franchise industry, driven by the mission that “The right opportunity changes lives.” 

Committed to honest franchise guidance, FBA empowers individuals by connecting them with opportunities aligned with their passions, fostering positive community impact through beloved businesses. With an unwavering commitment to industry standards, FBA consultants excel in guiding clients through a successful and fulfilling franchise journey, leveraging their exclusive access to the world’s largest inventory of franchise information. 

This unique expertise allows them to swiftly assess any franchise, providing a comprehensive history of its successes or failures.

The Social Robin | Marketing and Design Agency

The Social Robin comprises a team of dedicated graphic designers and social media managers. They will work in collaboration with our franchise partners to craft compelling content for their social pages, manage posts on their behalf, and ensure that their business remains a trending topic online. Our partnership with this firm is aimed at assisting franchise partners in navigating social media, ad promotions, and more, guaranteeing brand consistency throughout.


FranServe, Inc. builds relationships, fosters business growth, and changes lives daily. Founded with a singular goal of assisting others in achieving their dreams of business ownership through franchising, FranServe, Inc. is dedicated to making a positive impact. 

As the world’s largest franchise consulting and expansion organization, it connects entrepreneurs with franchise
opportunities, facilitates introductions between franchisors and qualified individuals, and empowers industry consultants with unparalleled knowledge. 

FranServe’s culture, technology, reach, and scale are positioned at the forefront of revolutionizing the industry. Notably, FranServe has played a pivotal role in the growth of industry-leading brands such as Paul Davis, Restoration, Rumble, Schmackary’s, and more!

Franchise Registry

The Franchise Registry plays a crucial role in franchise financing, serving as a central hub for more than 9,000 lenders and over 3,500 franchisor members. 

It acts as the conduit for essential documentation, verification, and performance data, facilitating the fulfillment of thousands of franchise loans annually. This vital platform educates and provides clarity for lenders, offering a centralized location to access reliable information and documentation for brands they are underwriting or building relationships within the franchise financing process. 

It’s noteworthy that B’s Essentials Vending is proudly listed on the Franchise Registry. For franchisees seeking loans to open units or existing franchisees looking to refinance, this inclusion ensures that lenders have access to the necessary information, making the loan process seamless and efficient.

Business Finance Depot

Business Finance Depot excels in offering financing solutions for a diverse clientele. They collaborate with entrepreneurs to secure funding through avenues such as SBA 7(A) & 504 loans, providing support for amounts up to $1 million, USDA Loans reaching up to $25,000,000, Equipment Financing extending to $2,000,000, and unsecured personal loans up to $250,000. 



CapLadder is your guide to building genuine business credit on your EIN, freeing you from the entanglement of personal finances. By establishing business credit on your EIN, you gain the advantage of separating personal and business financial matters, safeguarding your assets, and unlocking access to capital and credit on favorable terms—all without the need for personal guarantees.

Build a robust business credit profile with all three major business credit bureaus, creating an impressive financial standing that negates reliance on personal credit. Attain a guaranteed minimum 80+ business credit score tied to your company’s EIN, equivalent to a stellar 720+ FICO score for personal credit.

CapLadder connects you with a vast network of lenders willing to extend credit to small businesses without requiring personal guarantees. This ensures your business won’t face rejection for credit, eliminating the need to pledge personal assets

Beauty & Company 


Beauty & Company stands as Memphis, TN’s premier beauty supply destination, earning the title of “everyone’s favorite beauty supply store.” Renowned for its upscale and welcoming atmosphere, it offers an extensive range of products, from wigs to barber supplies, shoes, clothes, and beyond.

Our partnership involves the placement of beauty kiosks outside their store, ensuring customers have 24/7 access to essential beauty products. 

Beyond serving as a hosting site, Beauty & Company extends support to franchisees seeking to vend beauty products by granting access to their vast inventory for procurement purposes at an exclusive wholesale rate.